Aboriginal Family Structure

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Is defined as the land without owners. The British colonization had the belief that the Aboriginal landers could not trade for their lands with them or put a price for it. The Aboriginals thoughts were the first who settle on determined land owns it, and the land is sacred, is where their rituals and ceremonies took place, Land for Aboriginals means everything, their homes, their ancestors, their food, their heritage.
Is the name used to refer to the Aboriginal and Torres islander people of Australia originally or by descent.
The Aboriginal Torres Islander are the first indigenous settlers living in Australia for more than 40000 years. The Aboriginal People normally have dark brown skin, and big brown eyes. The Aboriginal Torres Islander communities
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Sometimes the kinship is not blood related, so the terms ‘uncle’ and ‘aunty’ for example are used for people related to each other through their kinship.
The Family structure of the Aboriginal people are very large in amount of persons, part of the family structure is blood related and part it isn’t. For example, two sisters are identified as the same and if one has a child they both become mother. This is their kinship. Another example is when an Aboriginal die in a hospital, a large amount of members of the family are entitled to be there as the ‘most close family members’. Their culture and their traditions showed they are extended families in opposition as our common family structure of (mother, father, children, and grandparents).
Are defined as the tens of thousands stolen children from their families and Aboriginal communities during the colonization periods between the 1890 and 1970 to use them as cheap laborers or for missions that cause traumatization to the Aboriginal families and children themselves. Additionally some of these children raised on foster homes churches, never saw or got involved into any of their Aboriginal traditions at all, or not even saw any member of their family again forgetting about their roots and
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It is the process where they gave up in a forced way their own culture, traditions to adopt the culture of the white British people.
It was a transcendent legal case that recognized the land rights of the Aboriginal Torres Islander people, challenging the Australian Legal system regarding the fact that the British colonisers removed their lands thinking that the Aboriginal Torres Islander had no ownership of their land. The specific Islander group Meriam men, Eddie Koiki Mabo, Reverend David Passi, Celuia Mapoo Salee, Sam Passi and James Rice claimed the title of the Murray

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