Effects Of British Colonization Of Australia

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Colonization of Australia
In 1788, two years after the decision to colonize Australia was made, Captain Arthur Philip and 1,500 convicts, crew, marines and civilians arrived at Sydney cove. European explorer, especially the pitch began to make contact with Australia’s coasts in the 1700’s. The Dutch were making their way from their Indonesian trading posts. They were probably the first people the indigenous had seen.
The colonization of Australia had a devastating impact on the indigenous people who had lived on this land for over 60,000 years. Before the British came to colonize Australia, the Dutch colonized it and named it “New Holland”.
A few days after arrival at Botany Bay the fleet moved to the more sustainable port Jackson where a
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The three main reasons for the decrease in population was due to diseases, loss of land and loss of people through direct fighting with the British colonizers. Most diseases were chickenpox, smallpox, influenza and measles. These diseases spread very quickly and especially in big groups of indigenous people. Another consequence of British settlement was less access to land and water resources.
When the Europeans started raising stock in ranches, many changes took place. Many indigenous people lost their land. Approximately From these ranches, indigenous people had a new fresh supply of meat, which changed their eating habits and ways of hunting for food. They also introduced sheep, rabbits, and cattle. These animals over fertile areas and fouled the land. The colonists cleared and then fenced the land so that it could be used to grow crops or farm cattle or sheep. The rivers and creeks were fenced off and the indigenous people were not permitted to enter the land or to visit their sacred sites. Very quickly, the indigenous people were not allowed to access the land that provided their food and water. The consequence about this was that the indigenous people began to rely on the European settlers for their food and water
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The British gave the indigenous people and easier and healthier way of life. Instead of the indigenous people hunting for their own food and finding their own water. The bad impacts were that the British carried over many diseases which killed many indigenous people. The British brought sheep, rabbits and cattle that took up and killed more land that the indigenous people lived in. there were also many conflicts because the indigenous did not like what the new settlers has done to their land and way of living by being killed for not following the British law. There were only small communities of indigenous people who kept their traditional

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