Impact Of Westward Expansion

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Every group of people that have ever been treated unfairly have been effected in the three same ways; socially, politically and economically, just as the Native Americans were affected during Westward expansion. Westward Expansion began in 1807 and was the US expanding to the Western territories. Essentially taking them from the Native Americans in order to achieve Manifest Destiny. To what extent did Westward Expansion affect the lives of Native americans during the mid to late 19th Century? How did it impact the government, their culture, religion and education and their resources?Westward Expansion greatly affected Native American lives socially, economically and politically.
Westward Expansion affected the Native Americans politically by having soldiers take their resources, their colonels kill their people, taking their land and giving it to white settlers and having a US president force them off their land. The documents that support my thesis are; A, B, E and G. In
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Westward Expansion impacted them socially by taking the Native Americans culture from them. More specifically by killing their tribes, taking them off of their reservations and forcing them to learn to act like white settlers, taking their tents so they are unable to move around and putting them in schools to learn English and how to work. They are affected economically/geographically by having their main resources taken away from them. The white settlers took their buffalo, timber and land in the name of Westward Expansion, making it hard for the Natives as those things are what they mainly used for survival. Lastly Westward Expansion affected the lives of Native Americans politically. It affected them politically by having their government and their workers take their land, resources and kill their people. That is how the Native Americans were affected by Westward

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