Essay on Comparing The Narrators in Life of Pi and The Lottery

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When authors set out to impact the lives of readers, a diverse utilization of literary aspects is often required. It is easy to come across many differences and similarities between literary aspects when one delves into a plethora of works. In the book Life of Pi author Yann Martel harnesses the use of a varied first person point of view in order to accurately portray the sense of panic and urgency in given situations; adversely, in the short story “The Lottery,” by Shirley Jackson, a detached third person point of view is taken into account in order to drag the reader along on the drawn-out, suspenseful journey that the families involved had to endure. Despite the difference in narrators amongst Life of Pi and “The Lottery,” the …show more content…
The effectiveness of first person point of view is made apparent throughout this hectic and troubling ordeal. Readers become emotionally invested in Pi’s struggle, panicking right along with him as devastation and grief take control. The negativity of these emotions must hurriedly be transformed into positive energy as Pi comes face to face with a large tiger. Out of the kindness of his heart, Pi helps a wild animal into his lifeboat. Due to the events that have just transpired Pi is not thinking clearly, for he soon realizes the immense danger of his situation.
Pi forces himself into close quarters with a wild Bengal tiger with no signs of relief and every emotion and thought that is running through his mind is made obvious to the reader. Throughout various trials and tribulations, Pi finds himself bonding with Richard Parker (the name Pi’s late father had given to the tiger.) Richard Parker’s life was in debt to Pi upon Pi allowing him onto his lifeboat. The powerful tiger more than once repaid this aforementioned debt. Pi often found himself in tense situations, be it up against a wild hyena or a cannibal shipwreck survivor. Despite these multiple life and death situations, Pi would prevail with the help of his unfortunate companion because without him “[Pi] would not be alive today to tell you [his] story.” (Martel 247) These successes continue until both Pi and Richard Parker get rescued. The pain that Pi

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