Comparing Pi And Mr. Adirubasamay's Life Of Pi

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The detail seems important because in the Author’s Note Mr. Adirubasamay said to the author “I have a story that will make you believe in God.” Thus, Mr. Patel majoring in religious studies seems significant and it appears as though religion will be playing an essential role in this novel.
It is interesting how two people with the same name can be so different. These two characters have drastically different views when it comes to religion. Mr. Kumar, the baker, is very pious whereas Mr. Kumar, the biology teacher, is an atheist. Not only is it interesting how two people with the same name can have such different mentalities, but it should also be noted how these different thinkers both equally shaped the life of Pi which is evident in how he chose to study two separate fields at the University of Toronto, each choice inspired by one of these characters.
Something I wonder about is how Pi’s mother did not comment on his religious beliefs during the meeting at the esplanade, but now when being asked for permission to be baptized and a prayer rug she seems uncomfortable. I feel a possible explanation to this is because at the esplanade she did not believe
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At the age of only eight years, Piscine’s father had taught him how dangerous a tiger could be when he made Pi observe a goat being eaten by one. This explains Pi’s future fear of being near a tiger. When the ship had sunk, Pi attempted to save the life of Richard Parker, a tiger, by helping him to the lifeboat. Once he had regained all sanity, Pi tried to prevent the tiger from boarding the lifeboat. After the tiger had made it on to the lifeboat and some time had passed, Pi tried to figure out a way to kill Richard Parker. He later decided that he did not want to kill the tiger, but to simply train Richard Parker to be under his control. Pi now verbally claiming that he loves Richard Parker demonstrates how much their relationship has

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