Compare and Contrast The Day After Tomorrow and Outbreak Essay

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Which of these movies provides a more effective wake-up call about impending global catastrophes?

“The Day After Tomorrow” and “Outbreak” both raise important concerns regarding the world that we live in. The first movie seems to serve mainly as a warning that as a people of this planet we need to do everything in our power to stop destroying our world. “Outbreak” demonstrates the vulnerability of the United States and for that matter all nations of the world in dealing with large epidemics. Though both movies raise legitimate concerns they also both are quite sensationalized in order spice it up for moviegoers. The most effective movie in providing a wake up call for humanity is totally debatable and is entirely dependent on the eye
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Had it not been for this epidemic that movie probably wouldn’t have been the hit that it had been. When these two events occurred all of a sudden there was a dialog as to what would this nation do to protect itself from such a deadly virus. Since this time there have been other diseases that have raised this same concern as well. Whooping Cough, SARS, Mad Cow disease these are all very deadly diseases that must be immediately identified, isolated and treated. Though “Outbreak” was not as preachy as “The Day After Tomorrow” it still got the message across that perhaps it would be wise to prepare for such a scenario. As stated earlier both movies raise legitimate concerns the first with global warming and pollution and the second with disease control. Both however are sensationalized and blown out of proportion quite a bit. The notion that tomorrow the polar ice caps could have melted enough so that cruise liner could float down the streets of New York City is laughable at best. “Outbreak” is just as bad in it’s implicit assertion that a virus could actually be shipped over here to the United States from Africa causing the quarantine of an entire community. In both movies sure it’s probably possible that something like those two scenarios could happen but the chances are the sort that any bookie in Las Vegas would take those odds in a heart beat. The total effectiveness of each movie is wholly dependent upon the viewer of each movie. Both

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