Choosing to Home School Essay

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One of the toughest decisions that any parent will ever face is to decide where to send their children to get an education. When most people think of education, they generally think of public schools… when governments require children to attend schools in which trained teachers are responsible for educating the children using an approved curriculum. Through the years that idea has slowly been changing and a significant number of parents have come to believe that it is much better for their children to be educated at home by the people who know them and their needs best. Although, most people think that a public education is better, many statistics and facts show that home schooling is beneficial in other ways. It is estimated that …show more content…
I assign them work for the week and we often carry on a two-way dialogue about the assignments; thus leading us into other discussions that builds our relationship with each other. My children are able to learn at their own pace. Our schedule is pretty laid back but they know what they are supposed to do, and I am there for them any time they need my help. No one knows my children better than I do, therefore I know best what they need when it comes to helping them learn.
However, there are many arguments in favor of sending children to public schools. The first is that the children will be exposed to other children. Many parents believe that a traditional school environment is the only place that children learn socialization skills. This has come to be a top concern among not only parents, but educators and psychologists alike. Even though, home schooled students may have more time to socialize and interact with siblings or peers, if they were never properly taught appropriate social behaviors then they will struggle throughout the rest of their lives. Along with learning proper social skills it has been implied that children who are educated outside of the home may learn to function sooner and more efficiently outside the family. They will not be dependent on their parents for their educational, emotional and social needs. A third point is that the children typically find it easier to integrate when they

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