Cell Phones Should Be Banned from Classrooms Essay

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Buzzzzzzzzzz! Another cellphone is going off in the middle of class, causing her to blush and discreetly check her new text message. A virtual conversation is buzzing back and forth inside one classroom and into the classroom across the hall, having a discussion about the party that night or the lipstick color chosen at the mall. In another classroom, a student posts the answers to the English exams on her profile page, allowing all of her buddies to read and use for their time of the exam. There are multiple examples of students using their cell phones during class time to communicate their thoughts, images of their environment or dangerous crimes. In addition, the percentage of students with cellphones now soars to about 80% (Ban). This …show more content…
Many students have insight of under-the-desk text messaging occurring during everyday class (Birnbaum). This shows that more and more students are otherwise busy with the use of their cell phones and pay less attention to class. Cell phones overall decrease the chances of having a good learning experience in the classroom, and distract them from their learning.
In addition to cell phones being distracting, cell phones also degrade the confidence of students in the classroom. Many cell phones these days have cameras which students use against their peers by taking embarrassing photos of them unsuspectingly. Even more so, the trend could deter class participation by students "who wouldn't want to speak up for fear of being mocked, if they felt their answers would be put up on the Internet," Mr. Strom, the general counsel for the American Federation of Teachers says. "The whole environment would be affected in a very significant way." (de Vise). Many students would be intimidated in their classroom environment from not knowing where cell phones might be watching. Cell phones hold a variety of possibilities which should be closed to students during class. Cameras on cell phones can be used against a student to damage their reputation or just humiliate them on the internet or in public (Ban). This not only hurts the confidence of the student being teased, but also hurts the bully because they are focusing

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