Essay on Causes of Low Health Expectancy

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Health expectancy can be defined as the years of living as well as staying healthy and free of diseases or disabilities. There are many factors which could cause to low health expectancy, such as lifestyle, diet, environment and even mind set. Health expectancy can be segmented with few conditions, male and female in developing and developed countries. The background of this essay will be based on England, one of the developed countries in the world. From 2009 to 2011,Males in England can expect to live 63.2 years in a state of “good” health; Females can expect to live 64.2 years in a state of “good” health(ONS,2013). This essay will argue that the main factors to low health expectancy are obesity and psychological problems, and the …show more content…
This includes individuals overall attitude, behavior, characters and especially well being. According to Mental Health Foundation (2014), there are some statements about the facts and the figures around mental health in the UK. First of all, one in four people will experience some kind of mental problems in a certain way, and they may not be noticed. Furthermore, there are about 10% of children have a mental health problem at any time. In addition, suicide rates show that British men are three times as likely to die by suicide than women. The cause of these could be people do not have enough knowledge and awareness of their mental situation. Furthermore, the society seems to feel ashamed of seeing therapists. Apart from the psychological factors mentioned above, factors such as stress, depression and anxiety can also cause mental problems. They would probably led by overworking, desire to be richer or to own more, additionally they also could lead individuals away from their families and friends. Therefore, psychologically factors have always been a common reason that affect human health expectancy.

Continuously, the solution of obesity could apply from two sides. The government could claim some policies to improve the awareness of healthy diet through the social media or other ways. Fortunately, there is an article published in 2013 called “Reducing obesity and improving diet” on the website of GOV.UK. It says on the one

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