Business Analysis: Mattel Essay

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Mattel, Inc. is the largest toy company in the world. This company designs, to manufacture, markets, and distributes a large amount of different toy products to over 150 countries worldwide.
From Picture Frames to Mattel Toys (1945-49) The founders of Mattel, Inc were Elliot and Ruth Handler 1945, where they lived during a fast changing postwar time. Handler started with designing light fixtures and soon started making furniture, which they sold out of their garage. They extended their product into making giftware and costume jewelry, and this soon became a $2 million enterprise. To remain competitive, Elliot wanted to change his direction into a new business approach. Ruth Handler decided to hook up with her old friend, Harold “Matt”
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is when the company agreed to sponsor a 15-minute segment of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, a show that is aired on ABC television network. This expense for advertising usually only occurred for other toy manufacturers during holiday season, but Mattel wanted to do something different. They marketed their toys year round on the hottest children show, and reached thousands of children around the country. The popular slogan for Mattel at that time was “You can tell it’s Mattel, it’s swell,” and with this catchy slogan, Mattel began a marketing revolution in the toy industry, and it immediately covered the advertising expense plus much more. This helped the company’s brand name become well known to the show’s audience and one of the best business decisions the company ever made! Television became a focus with Mattel’s new direction. Mattel started making replicas of classic western guns and holsters from popular western hit television shows. In 1959, Mattel made toy industry history by introducing the “Barbie Doll”, and according to my article, is the best selling toy of all toy time. The idea of the Barbie doll came from the Handler’s daughter, who they felt resembled adult-looking paper dolls over baby dolls and they decided they wanted to make a doll that in teen age. The name “Barbie”, was nickname from their daughters name Barbara, and the teenage fashion doll was

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