British Government's Sending of Troops into Northern Ireland in 1969

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British Government's Sending of Troops into Northern Ireland in 1969

The troubles in Ireland go as far back as 1169 when the British first went over there under the command of Henry II. Henry II got permission from the Pope to invade Ireland because he believed that Ireland was developing its own form of Roman Catholicism. Since then British people have been living in Ireland, and this has caused conflict between the British and the Irish because the Irish Catholics didn’t like living under Protestant rule. The Protestants often treated the Catholics very unfairly. One example of this is a policy called plantation. This policy was to cause serious long-term consequences. Plantation involved
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He wanted to use Ireland as a base and with the help of France he hoped to win back the English throne. The new king of England William of Orange, who was a Dutch protestant, took the British army to Ireland to defeat James II’s army. On July 11th 1690 William of Orange defeated James II at the Battle of the Boyne. The arrival of William of Orange marked the main ingredients of the conflict in Ireland, there was the hatred of English rule, a distinct dislike of the Protestant church and the issue of who owned the land the English or the Irish.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries with the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 the IRB armed themselves and formed the Irish volunteers and a second group known as the Irish Citizen Army formed as a result of the police violence that had been used against transport strikers earlier in the year. When Britain went to war with Germany later that year many of the men of Southern Ireland volunteered for the British army. The war with Germany would also play another role in the history of Ireland two years later with the 1916 Easter Rising when the Irish Volunteers planned to take control of the capital Dublin. They believed this would be an easy task because the British government were too distracted by the war with Germany to pay much attention to Ireland and Home Rule. However the plan did not work as expected the

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