Brazilian Culture Essay

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By living in the United States of America, most of us are daily witnesses to the differences of cultures. From European to Mexican to Swedish cultures, you name it, Americans see it all, hear it all, and even taste it all. But we don’t always get a close look into other cultures—sometimes they just cross our paths. However, it is still important for us to learn about be knowledgeable about other cultures. Once such culture that has much to be learned from is the culture in Brazil. Brazilian culture is perhaps one of the most interesting cultures to learn about because it is so rich and diverse. Brazil alone is separated into five different regions which all encompass different customs and cultural aspects. (10) The following is an …show more content…
The new colonists discovered that the land was ideal for growing sugar cane, and this quickly became the basis of Brazil’s economic development. Along with this growth came the use of African slaves used to work in the sugar cane plantations. Then, in the 1690’s gold was discovered in the Minas Gerais and it replaced sugar as the countries main export. In the 19th century coffee became the main export and economic staple for Brazil. Due to the abolition of slavery in Brazil in the year 1888, European immigration sky-rocketed as people came to work in the coffee-estates, called fazendas. (6) In 1889, the rule of Dom Pedro II (who had ruled for 49 years) came to an end as a military coup took over and Brazil became a Republic. Brazil would continue to have economic struggles, which no leadership could seem to solve. Order and progress seemed to be on the horizon 1989 when Brazilians were given their first opportunity to vote in almost 30 years. This election did not prove successful for the Brazilians, however, when the man they

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