Book Nerd, Street Geek Essay

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We’ve all heard it time and time again, college is the way to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, but is that necessarily true? Well it depends on the person you ask. Someone in college would tell you book smart’s is the way to go. On the other hand, asking a teenager who lives in an area with high gang and criminal activity more than likely will tell you that street smarts are what keep him “above water” every day. Individuals that have book smarts may have a world full of information but without any real life-experience how can that information be applied, because we all know that after college comes the “real world”. What good is knowledge if it’s not applied? Individuals with street smarts are the students of life, which gives …show more content…
Opening the article he states that “everyone knows some young person who is impressively “street smart” but does poorly in school. What a waste, we think that one who is so intelligent about so many things in life seems unable to apply that intelligence to academic work”(198). He goes on to say that schools might actually be at fault for this by not giving the student with street smarts the opportunity to channel his intelligence into academics. Graff argues that the major reason schools don’t implement street smarts in their curriculum because they associate street smarts with anti-intellectual concerns. Furthermore, he uses his own childhood experience as backing to his argument. For example, Graff mentions that he grew up a block away from the “hood”, and his willingness to be accepted by the people who lived there as he refers to them as the “hoods”, “I was desperate for the approval of the hood, which I encountered daily on the playing field and in the neighborhood, and for this purpose it was not at all good to be book smart”(200) Graff says. He goes on to show that he and his friends had to find balance between being streetwise, and academically inclined.
As Graff continues his argument he explains how when discussing certain topics such as sports he would find himself much more immersed in debates, arguments and problems for analysis. Not only did Graff find himself in more

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