Analysis Of College Is A Waste Of Time

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“College is a waste of time” and “Hidden Intellectualism” both share the concept that the educational curriculum should be changed to interest people’s minds more and that it’s too expensive to waste money on. These two essays make the reader understand that both authors are wanting to change the curriculum to fit people’s interests rather than the curriculum that is being taught today, which fail to teach a variety of subjects. In “College is a waste of time,” Dale Stephens acknowledges that college isn’t right for everyone, he uses his own opinions to back up his evidence. Dale clarifies that college is expensive. He refers to the College Board Policy Center because tuition is about 3.6 times higher today than it was 30 years ago. Dale suggests that “college fails to empower students with the skills necessary to become productive members of society.” Dale believes that one can be successful without having a college education or a college degree. In Hidden …show more content…
To start, Stephens uses weak evidence to support his claim. He bases his evidence solely his opinions. Stephens doesn’t just stick to one topic, which makes his claim more interesting and valid. For example, he discusses how the curriculum should be changed to fit people’s interests rather than needs and then changes the topic to state that college is too expensive to waste your money on when you’re not getting the right education needed later on.On the other hand, Gerald Graff uses strong evidence to back up his claim and make it sound more realistic. He emphasizes several small points about how “street smart” people aren’t book smart. His argument creates an intense feel to it that makes the reader question whether the curriculum should be changed or not and why college is so expensive. Both of these authors point out a strong claim with contrast but within the contrasts, there are also

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