Essay on Biography of William Dampier

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William Dampier was born in the year of 1651 in East Coker England to a tenant farmer (Dampier “memoirs of a buccaneer” 15). At first, his parents put him in school to study Latin. His parents soon died and he was left with his guardians. His guardians put him in school for writing and arithmetic. From an early age, he had “very early inclinations to see the world” (Dampier “memoirs of a buccaneer” 16). He decided to apprentice a shipmaster and took a voyage to Jamaica. He came back to England a couple years later wanting more. After that moment, this is where William Dampier’s life takes off. He decides to go on his first circumnavigation and joins a ban of buccaneers under the command of Bartholomew sharp (Dampier “New Voyage” 22). He …show more content…
He lost much of the respect from the English, which he earned from before (Preston 46). Some years later England needed privateers to raid Spanish ships. They appointed him as captain of the ship the St. George (Dampier “Memoirs 31). This was his second circumnavigation; this was also the voyage that the alexander Selkirk was left on an island. Alexander Selkirk is one of the main influences for Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. After this voyage was over, William Dampier went on his last circumnavigation. On William Dampier’s last circumnavigation, he raided a Spanish Galleon for all their valuables. One of the well-known feats on this voyage was rescue Alexander Selkirk. Selkirk live on the island for four years and four months. Went William Dampier went back to England he died before he received any of his wealth from the voyage. William Dampier was an influential man in history that influenced many great minds. To what extent did William Dampier influence the minds of the scientific and literary world? Through many of his voyages he sat back, observed, and documented almost everything he saw. On his first circumnavigation, he took a step back from the buccaneers he accompanied. He watched as the buccaneers raided Spanish ships and took detailed accounts of everything that went on. . Through even his worst times at sea, William Dampier’s journals would be his priority, making sure that they were the first things he would salvage from a

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