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1. The film Billy Elliot (Daldry, 2000) is set in a mining town in England during the 1984 miner’s strike. The plot focuses on Billy, the younger son of a mining family in which the mother has recently died, and Billy’s macho father and older activist brother take part in the miners struggle. Billy does not identify with the masculine world-view of his father and brother, and instead of boxing he secretly joins the ballet class. The notion of belonging to a group that shares the same values is repeated throughout the film, which portrayed class, gender and sexual orientation issues.
Billy’s gender role shift journey starts as he is first exposed of a ballet class while he participated in boxing class at the gym. A new world opens up for
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2+3. System perspective; Billy's Eco-mapping
System Member Role Risk Factors Protective Factors
Jackie (father) Micro Unemployed, conservative, a man of principles, stubborn, homophobe, stigmatizes Healthy and close relationship with Billy, dedicated to his children, hardworking, responsible, High degrees of freedom, flexible way of thinking
Billy's (dead) Mother Micro Absent of mother Mother role (although dead), acceptance, tenderness and warm, caring, supportive
Tony (brother) Micro Rebellious and undisciplined, stubborn, offensive, aggressive Can identify with others, encourage, devoted, generous
Grandma Micro Dementia, need to be taken care, old Presence of feminine acceptance, model of one who connected to her dreams,
Michael (gay friend) Micro Seductive type, outsider, underdog, not popular Curios, good hearted, loyal friend, genuine, Exploring his sexuality (which make Billy to face his)
Mrs. Wilkinson (ballet teacher) Micro Middle class, pushy, not that warm, plotted against the father will Middle class, supportive, salesmanship
Debbie (ballet classmate) Micro Suffers from suburbia boredom, Exploring her sexuality Exploring her sexuality (which make Billy to face his)
Father-mother Mezzo Paternalistic relationship (no equality) Love, partnership, loyalty
Father-brother Mezzo Participate in the strike (no income), not reflective Developed survival skills
Father-teacher Mezzo Conflictual relationship (which tears Billy apart)

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