Arrogance Before a Fall Essay

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Arrogance Before a Fall
People encounter arrogance on a daily basis. However, not many people are aware of the detrimental effects that come with arrogance and pride. This concept of arrogance is explored in William Shakespeare's play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Many characters in this play are corrupted with arrogance, and it always ends up hurting them. The play opens up with Julius Caesar, the ruler of Rome, returning to the city after defeating Pompey, his rival, in battle. While he is celebrated by the Roman citizens, a group of superiors are concerned that Caesar is gaining too much power. A faction of conspirators plot out a plan for his assassination. Cassius and Brutus are two essential leaders of this plot. Each conspirator
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However, Decius, one of the conspirators, soon arrives to bring Caesar to the Senate House. Decius claims that he will be mocked if he cannot provide a good justification for Caesar's absence. Caesar then tells Calpurnia that he was acting foolishly, and agrees to go to the Senate. He says to his servant “Danger knows full well / That Caesar is more dangerous than he. / We are two lions littered in one day, / And I the elder and more terrible. / And Caesar shall go forth” (II.ii.44-48). Here, Caesar is making the claim that he and “danger” are brothers, yet he is the more powerful one. Even though he says they were born on the same day, he also says that he is “the elder.” Caesar is implying that he is the wiser, more enlightened one. He also asserts that danger itself is afraid of him, and this is his justification for leaving his house. It is a very lofty and egotistic statement, because he is proclaiming that he is untouchable, and not in harm’s way. Obviously, he was acting quite presumptuously, because later that day he meets his demise when he is stabbed to death by the gang of conspirators. This pompous decision by Caesar turns out to be a grave mistake. Here, Caesar’s better judgment is blinded by his arrogance, and this directly leads to his downfall.
Brutus is another character who the author utilizes to warn his readers that arrogance will lead to demise. Brutus is one of the conspirators who has an important role in the slaying

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