Essay about Animal Rights

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Animal Rights

Many people feel that animals have no rights and are here solely for our use.
Humans are animals too, we shouldn't take advantage of other animals just because they can't reason like us.
Animals are used in medical research labs as experiments. These experiments are meant only to benefit humans. I'm not totally against testing,some good can come of it. But when are tortured and abused in the process then there is something wrong with it. For example in the early 1980's baboons were involved in experiments to find out more about comas. There was no care given to whether or not the animal would be hurt by this procedure. They just strapped the baboon to a metal device, which would force it's head upward at a sixty degree
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Nothing is done to ease or prevent their pain and suffering. There must be a better way to test substances without in iflicting suffering on innocent, bewildered animals. Some scientists feel that animals are just that, animals. They lack the feelings that humans have. But if you have ever owned a pet dog, cat, etc., you know they have feelings and are sensitive to their surroundings just as we humans are.
We are also abusing animals rights by destroying their habitats. We lose thousands of animal and plant species each year. we are only hurting ourselves by doing this. There is so much to be learned from these habitats, even the possibility of cures for diseases. As a result from destroying animal's natural habitats we are having to depend on zoos to keep species of animals from becoming extinct. Zoos have done such agood job of breeding the animals that they have produced a surplus. When zoos have a surplus of animals they are sometimes sold to circuses and hunting farms. Animals don't belong in circuses where they are paraded around and forced to perform unnatural tricks. The animals at the circuses are sometimes forced to live in squalid conditions and are mistreated. When the animals get mad and try to get away they are often killed because they are said to be dangerous. They are just trying to get away from they mistreatment and abuse. it didn't want to jump through a

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