Why Is Animal Rights Important?

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Animal rights are defined as giving animals the consideration of their best interest. Weather it’s because they are “cute” or useful to the human race, and meaning that animals are not ours to manipulate. Recognizing that animals have just as much of a right to live on this planet without being threatened by humans hunting them or performing experiments on them. And it is not just wild animals, household pets and livestock are also a major part of animal rights becoming a global issue.
The history of animal rights has been dated back ancient Greek and Roman times. They urged the respect of animals interests because they believed in the transmigration of souls between animals and humans. While the great philosopher Aristotle wrote that nature
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In the United States alone thousands of dogs other household pets are left for days without proper food and water. Sometimes chained outside for weeks on end without even being acknowledged. The most common victims of this kind of neglect are dogs and cats. In a survey that took 1,800 cruelty cases back in 2007, over 64.5% or 1,212 cases recorded involved dogs. (25 percent of those cases involved some kind of pit bull breeds.) While 18% or (337) involved cats, and 25 percent (470) involved some other sort of animals like livestock and horses and other animals (“Animal Cruelty and Statistics”). Currently around the world the “Animal Rights Movement” is taking the world by storm. With foundations to help species from becoming extinct and humane societies helping with abandoned animals in need of good homes. And the world has heard, new laws about the treatment of livestock have been put into effect in the last 5 years and events that harm animals such as bullfighting have been decreasing if not coming to an end in most countries around the world (Wise). Millions of people are standing up for animals in the fight to keep them alive and give them the life they deserve as inhabitants on this

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