Analysis of the Success Factors and Failure Causes in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Projects

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Literature review:-
IT is very useful for any company for satisfying their operational and functional needs. Due to the huge development in IT projects, companies need to keep themselves aware of changes in the global world. Companies must give more importance to ICT projects to become more popular in the competitive world. There are two different lifecycles that work together throughout the course of every project. One describes all the tasks that must be completed to produce a particular product and the second explains how to manage a product. Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to achieve projects requirements, usually to time and budget.
In recent global
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The main purpose of the Chaos report is to investigate the reasons of ICT project failure and to find the ways to avoid these failures. Eveleens&Verhoef (2010) argue that Standish group classified the projects into three resolution types.

 Project success: - The project that is completed on time with all the features and within specified budget.
 Project challenged:-The project is completed but over budget, over the estimate time.
 Project impaired:-The project is canceled at some point during the development cycle.

Project resolution results from CHAOS research for years 2004 to 2012 .

Here are a lot of writers who explain the causes of success and failure factors of ICT projects. In 1994 Standish Group of report explains these major reasons of the success in ICT projects are (Attarzadeh & Ow 2008).
 User involvement
 Executive management support
 Clear statements of requirements
 Proper planning
 Realistic expectations
 Smaller project milestones
 Skilled personnel
 Ownership
 Clear objectives and vision
 Financial management
 Standard tools and infrastructure

Instead of these factors, Prabhakar (2008) explains that there are some more factors of success are:
 Technical performance
 Efficiency of execution
 Customer satisfaction
 Personal growth
 Business performance and manufacturability So these are all the

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