What Is Visualization, Coordination, And Communication Model?

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Visualization, coordination, and communication method: These three are other essential traits of BIM-3D beneficial to project-involved stakeholders. Coordination establishes the IPD process and Lean implementation while communication increases the support of IPD and Lean; likewise, visualization develops desired elements and parts of building models and needed information. The 4th dimension and technologies: Time is one of the most factors decided the success or failure of project performance. As stated in collected case studies and recorded via phone interviews, 4D-BIM models are executed in many phases from pre-design to design development and construction phase as well. Based on differing functions, such as 4D simulation, schedule visualizing process, decision-making assistance, and time controlling & rescheduling management, this model is unquestionably preeminent BIM 3D applications. 5D-BIM defined as project cost management: This fifth dimension in BIM environment is a vital part in the project success with its abilities in controlling cost data, quantity takeoffs, and prices. Conceptually, it is created by adding cost …show more content…
According to collected case studies analysis, key performance indicators (KPIs) are project investigating methods concerning the performance measurement and achievements. This component is necessarily important in the collaborating models of Lean, IPD, and BIM. Several examples of KPIs in collected projects are productivity rates, client satisfaction, profitability, working hours, waste, etc. Traditionally, KPIs are used for historical financial records, such as profits, revenues, and costs on the part of maintaining project performance and taking account for vital trends. Nevertheless, many contractors are accomplishing KPIs today for work predictions with regard to make right changes to any kind of situation, and this extends the using purposes of KPIs for either financial or non-financial

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