Analysis of The Sport of the Gods by Paul Essay

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Analysis of The Sport of the Gods by Paul

The book "The Sport of the Gods" by Paul is about an African American servant named Berry Hamilton who lived with Fannie and two kids, a son named Joe and daughter named Kit. They lived in a little cottage that sat in the back of the mansion of his employer Maurice Oakley. Berry had been a butler for Mr. Oakley for twenty years. Berry was a loyal and hard working man for Mr. Oakley. Mr. Oakley treated him with so much respect and gave him so much that Berry felt that he had no choice but to serve him the way he did. Mr. Oakley could always depend on Berry Hamilton, until the day that Francis Oakley noticed that he hadn't locked up the drawer where he hide his money. When he opened the drawer,
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When Berry came into the room, Mr. Oakley was unable to talk to him without getting angry and calling him a liar, so the detective asked Berry all the questions. Berry told them that he didn't steal the money and that the money he deposited in the bank was money that he and Fannie had been saving for some years. Mr. Oakley kept calling him a thief and a liar and said that he knew that he stole the money. He asked the detective to arrest Berry, because he stole the money and he knew it. Berry kept pleading and telling him that he didn't steal any money and they could ask his wife Fannie. Fannie was summoned to the room and she told the same story that her husband Berry told, but that didn't help. Mr. Oakley still insisted that they take Berry to jail. Fannie was crying and begging them not to take her husband to jail, but they took him any way. Berry asked Mr. Oakley if he really thought he did this, and he said yes now take him away. The whole town was talking about the arrest of Berry Hamilton. Mr. Oakley and Berry were known all over town. Berry was a good servant and Maurice Oakley was a solid businessman. Berry's friends and even members of the church that he belonged to for so many years would defend him. A man who was once known for his loyalty to his master was now known as a thief. People began to think back about Berry Hamilton and find things that could link him to being a thief. The arrest of Berry Hamilton was very hard on

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