Analysis of the Performance Management at the University of Ghana

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The Balme Library is one of Africa’s renowned research libraries and is the main library for the University of Ghana (Aguinis, 2009). The library consists of six departments, employs over 50 individuals and has over 100 thousand books, 500 microfilms, CD's, and tapes plus access to extensive electronic resources (Balme Library, University of Ghana, 2009). The library, like other organizations, was facing resource challenges and implemented numerous strategies, one of which was a performance management system (Aguinis, 2009). According to Aguinis (2009), there are six elements that are needed in a performance management system that include prerequisites, planning, execution, assessment, review, and performance renewal and reconstructing. …show more content…
It is unclear from the case study if the library had an organizational mission and strategic goals. However, it was clear that the Blame Library did not conduct a comprehensive job analysis for all the positions within the library (Aguinis, 2009).
Job Analysis at Balme Library Job analysis is the process used to break a job into its components and to identify tasks associated with that job (Hartley, 2004). Harttley (2004) feels the key deliverable of the job analysis is a validated task list. This task list is critical since it is used as the foundation to create self-assessment tools, organizational assessments, and a job description (Aguinis, 2009). Since Balme Library lacked a comprehensive job analysis of all the positions within the organization, they were unable to develop specific criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of the positions. In addition, without a good job description it is difficult to tie job functions back to the organizational goals and objectives. A good job analysis and description ensures that employees can see the direct relationship between the job competencies, the job descriptions, and the goals and objectives (Hartley, 2004). If the link is unclear, then managers and staff may not understand what they need to accomplish to meet the organizations goal and objectives.
Improving Job Analysis at Balme Library The first step would be to conduct a job analysis for all jobs within the Balme

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