America, Land of Discrimination, Home of Racism Essay

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America, Land of Discrimination, Home of Racism

Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. Like a pigeon's droppings, this simple fact sullies the marble monument Americans reserve in their hearts for the father of Democracy.

"How," we ask ourselves, basking in our own self-righteousness, "Could such a great man not see slavery as evil?" As we gleefully pass judgement on Jefferson, we often forget that in Jefferson's day, popular culture embraced slavery. True, plenty of enlightened men and women criticized the slave trade, but the echoing blasts of revolutionary cannons followed by joyous shouts of independence drowned out their softhearted shouts. And so, Jefferson and his brethren used society's silence to quell their protesting
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If you caught your best male friend trying on a pair of tights, could you resist calling him "gay," or a "faggot?" Surely you've referred to one of your more cowardly friends as a "pussy?" Do you even realize that with each utterance of these words you add another brick to the monumental wall of institutionalized stereotypes in America? Probably not. But wait, this all gets worse.

Though we try not to judge people based solely on their race, we often unconsciously do it just the same. Don't you automatically assume the black basketball players are superior to the whites? Humans posses far less control over their psyches than they like to admit. So imagine, then, how often we unconsciously discriminate against people for characteristics we don't instinctively red flag as "traditional areas of prejudice." In other words, we discriminate without even realizing our potential to do so.

Admit it. When that girl prances into the gym, the one's that so much thinner than you are and in ten times better shape, your mind automatically quips "anorexic." Or when that quiet, funny looking-kind sitting in the back of your class gets a better grade than you do, you comfort yourself by muttering "at least I know how to have fun on a Saturday night." Not only do we not realize that we make these assumptions, we fail even to realize that these unconscious reactions are actual forms of prejudice.

Do you think I exaggerate the severity

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