The Relationship Between Slavery And Racism

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The Relationship Between Slavery and Racism
Some of us agree that slavery did not cause racism, or racism did not cause slavery; however, we cannot really point of which caused which. The author of this paper compares this subject to, “which comes first, the chicken or the egg?” To have an egg you need a chicken to lay the egg, and to have a chicken you need an egg. Researches can use information to prove how both are intertwine with each other, it depends which side they are supporting. If anyone just read about one side you will just take it and run with it. According to (, racism means a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually
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Based on research, both sides are well supported with information, how accurate are the information? The truth remains unknown. It is essential to think racism as a possible cause of slavery, and that racism possibly came before slavery in America. According to (Jordan 1968), there are examples of sixteenth century travel records that show a racist attitude towards Africans held by the British, on the basis of skin color and religion. It can be argued that this racism is therefore the cause of slavery in America, but there is no evidence of this being a widespread attitude. One could also argue that all of the slave laws from the old days were prejudiced towards the blacks, however, the laws affected the whites and Native Americans who were in captivity as well, thus eliminating any notion of …show more content…
Through history we have learned some of them were killed before they made it. According to (Brinkley 2004), he described the middle passage as a horrific moment for the slaves. Many of them who died during the middle passage were thrown overboard. If race had nothing to do with slavery, then why would they choose to make deficit since they paid for them? Or maybe there was no such thing as paying for slaves. The Portuguese felt superior to the Africans when they saw them naked and though they were uncivilized. They could have easily use power to for the slaves to go, and say the African were just selling their own people. It is strange to me for someone to just thrown something away that they bought to make a profit out of. Perhaps, one side is lying to us. The outcome of slavery could truly be the origin of racism, due to lack of freedom. The Blacks were being forced to work, and they were raped by the Whites. Based on definition of a slave, it stated that, they are a servant. Being a servant does not mean you have to be raped, separate from your families, and have no freedom. The presence of this wrong doing shows a very high possibility of racism. There was not any different between the Africans that they claimed that they bought and the ones back in

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