Racial Slavery Thesis

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Thoroughly exploring the site, I found that to provide an insightful essay would require reading at least the first and last section from each part. In the section titled, “From Indentured Servitude to Racial Slavery,” to the section, “The Civil War,” in part four, I noticed that the treatment and desire for slaves were solely driven by fortune. It is truly saddening that families were torn apart over materialistic things. Parts two and three were exceptionally inspiring due to certain historical figures finally standing up to the cruel injustice. While reading the third section from part one I felt deep sorrow for Anthony Johnson and his family. It is saddening that Johnson went through being an indentured servant for several years to earn his freedom yet in the end the verdict was that the land he earned belonged to the England because of his skin… After reading the brief link of Anthony and Mary’s court document I felt some relief that they were able to …show more content…
In particular, Richard Allen’s actions to aid his own through being a natural leader of the FAS. The Pennsylvania Abolition Society was another group which was against slavery; though, it was odd to me learning that most of them were against white and black equality. Benjamin Franklin was mentioned as the president of this group but I did not agree with how the section did not mention that he was once too a slave owner. I feel as though it would have provided more clarity to why some pro-abolitionists did not respect equality between blacks and whites. This was a step forward for equality nonetheless and the fact that a once slave owner became anti-slavery shows progression towards the movement. In contrast, the Yellow Fever incident made me cringe reading about how the black community got humiliated for simply lending a helping hand in a time of

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