Advertising Analysis Essay

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Advertising Analysis

This paper will analyze an ATT commercial according to audience, purpose, context, ethics, and stance. The focus will emphasize the audience which the aid is trying to reach and how they do so.

The commercial begins with Latino rap music playing in the background, as a man drives up in a 62 chevy low rider convertible. This car is the paramount of ghetto style enhancement. As he pulls up it is impossible not to notice his car’s insanely high-powered hydraulics. This car is classic and one can tell its worth by it expensive paint job alone. The driver is dressed in an aristocratic ghetto style which includes and expensive watch and better than average clothing. A goatee adds to this style of appearance.
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These are the stereotyped values that the intended audience’s age group is supposed to have. These values are played upon by the different aspects of the commercial. The sexy young lady and her handsome date were ideal to both genders in the area of attractiveness. The driver’s expensive car, specific dress style, and attempted coolness all correspond with the assumed values of the young intended audience.

Since it is a commercial the meaning is clearly to sell the product or service. This commercial would appeal to those that need to make collect calls frequently namely, young people like the driver who need help. This is because the entire purpose for the commercial is to sell ATT’s service.

This commercial is also intended for those that have a sense of humor or love comedy. Direct evidence of this is the pun the driver uses in reference to his car,”The great thing about 1-800 call ATT for collect calls is the rates don’t bounce up and down”. Also a strong, successful, stylish person falling out of his car and making repeated pathetic attempts at trying to keep his appearance of coolness elicits some laughter. Also, hyperbole (a good comedic tool) was used when the driver was seeing double after falling on his face and having a bumpy ride. This wouldn’t normally make a person have double vision however, it effectively conveys laughter.

The purpose of this commercial was to sell ATT’s service and

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