Acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast vs Acquisition of Kmart by Sears

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In review of the models I believe the 7-S Framework would best describe the change management model used for Comcast and Kmart. The 7-S framework is based on 7 categories:
• Strategy - How the company competes
• Structure- the design of the organization
• Systems - How their systems such as rewards and recognition align.
• Style - How management responds to their environment when there is a call to act
• Staff - How the company develops and trains their people
• Skills – The things that makes the company different from their competition
• Superordinate goals - The vision of the company
Comcast is indeed a major competitor in its market, the need to be even greater led Comcast to purchase NBC. Comcast had an opportunity to
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The training was done at the Supervisor level for the customer service rep. Each supervisor trained their teams in different ways, however the end goal was the same, ensure each agent is trained and awareness of the product is had.
• Systems - Comcast created more rewards and recognition incentives to gain employee involvement with the merger. There were incentives based around the Olympics, which NBC had the rights for.
• Style – Brian Roberts re-emphasized the need to have a work life balance. The change brought interest in Universal Studios. Each employee is given a one-day family of four pass for entry.
• Staff – Both organizations, Comcast and NBC have a huge employee force. A re-commitment to excellence and quality was enforced in town halls, meetings and trainings.
• Skills - To prepare employees for the merger, training on the new product Performance Starter was had. Roberts wanted the company to focus on customer service especially with the conversations of the merger. Letting the customers know that they are never too big to handle who and what’s more important, which is the customer. Comcast strives to create “world class experiences that people love and trust” (, 3/29/14).
• Superordinate Goals – Roberts understood how fast technology was advancing and had a goal to keep up. To re-enforce these goals

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