Abortion in the First Trimester Only Essay

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The argument that has torn the nation apart for ages is abortion. Each individual needs to take the time out to research every aspect of the ideals behind abortion. The two main sides to abortion are pro-choice and pro-life. Both sides make strong arguments to support their side. The main question behind abortion is whether the act is murder of an unborn child or the right of the mother to choose what happens to her body. A lot of research is needed before an individual can make a rational decision about what side of the abortion issue they take. This paper focuses on the argument that abortion is a woman’s choice in her first trimester of her pregnancy only, and after that time period is over the unborn child has the right to life just …show more content…
The major law that protects a woman’s right to choose is the right to security of the person, further more if abortion was against the law, and "forcing a woman, by threat of criminal sanction, to carry a fetus to term, is a profound interference with a woman’s body and thus a violation of security of the person" (Smith 105).

Next, the pro-life advocates state that "the sperm and egg are alive, they are living human gametes, the beginning of human life, making the fetus, from the earliest stages, alive, a living human being" (Baird 297). Therefore with these standards the whole entire growing process of a fetus is alive, and protected by law, just like another human being. "A right to life is normally understood as a right not to be killed and thus as a negative requirement that we refrain from taking life. But is also possible that fetuses have rights to positive assistance or protection, just like small children do" (Reiman 9). Pro-life advocates say that combing of the egg and sperm forms the creation of life and everything that comes with it and that the law should protect the fetus as a living being.

The one thing that the pro-life advocates did not take into account is the idea that a person protected by law is that of a human breathing air. That is why a fetus should not be protected by law in the first trimester.

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