A Sunday Night Tradition Essay

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A Sunday Night Tradition

Sunday nights are a special time around my house back at home in Wheaton, Illinois. They are a time when my family all gets together and has dinner as a group. It is a time when we all get to talk and share our stories of how our weeks went, what is to come in the following week, and other various topics. This whole Sunday night ritual always takes place in our dining room.

The dining room is attached to our kitchen; it is a small room, just large enough to fit our large oak dining room table. Around the table sits six large, old, creaky chairs. Week after week, year after year, we are always in the same formation around that table. My father sits at the head of the table, it is a position that
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We are near to my mother because we help her cook and clear the table.

The grand oak table and chairs is what we eat this feast upon. The table is significant in many ways; it has been passed down from generation to generation of women in my mother's family. My mother's great, great grandmother's uncle made it for her and her husband as a wedding gift back in the early 1900's. The table has legs, which are etched with a floral design, each leg is like a small detailed sculpture done with extraordinary craftsmanship and care. The tabletop is smooth with three small cracks towards the left edge; there are a few small scratches from other everyday wear and tear suffered in the past one hundred years. The table smells like oak and reminds you of being out in the woods up in Wisconsin. One day this dining room table will be passed on to myself to use when I have my own family.

In the summertime, when the windows are open, the sounds of summer linger in the air. It never seems to cease, every night around five o'clock the melodic drifting music of the ice cream truck can be heard, as it is almost done intentionally, tempting the children with dessert. You can hear the children playing, balls bouncing, and the lawnmowers running. The air smells of fresh cut grass, which is a distinct smell that you only come across certain parts of the year. The air is humid and hot and makes your body feel sweaty and warm.

The yellow room is lit

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