The Gastronomical Me, An Excerpt By F. K. Fisher

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Food: A Reader for Writers: “The Gastronomical Me,” An Excerpt by M.F.K. Fisher

To demonstrate the indication of the time period referred to by the author: “Women in those days, made much more of a ritual of their household duties than they do now. Sometimes it was indistinguishable from a dogged martyrdom.” (2)

There is a specific definition for martyrdom (3)

martyrdom: an occasion when someone suffers or is killed because of their religious or political beliefs

The use of martyrdom in the previous quote was used in the context of women suffering the obligation of completing all the household chores because it was the social norm in the time period!

The first half go this excerpt is to accentuate the attitude of women preparing food
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I feel extended; I surpass myself. The whole room ferments! Poetry! Kimchi! Philosophy!” …show more content…
Typical dinner plates include a roast of pork to beef ad homemade egg noodles. (10)

The author’s favorite childhood dish: “creamed chicken and biscuits” (10)

A mentioning of the social norms of women: “She knew her domestic chores were entirely typical of the place and the times.” (11)

There was an observation of lesser amount of woman who helped their husbands with framework during the childhood of the author (11)

The purpose of the chapter was to show the contrast of the role of women and the role in men (12)

The importance of dinner for the family: “Dinner was the only time I got to see him during the day.” (13)

The previous quote was referring to the author’s grandpa.

The author felt a sense of belonging and bonding with his father and grandfather while having dinner with them (14)

The father became reclusive after the death of his father, the grandfather: “Ypur grandfather was the love of of your dad’s life.” (15)

The understanding between the competition and the game; (16)

The mother supported the grandfather by serving him food at dinner and dinner was the place where everyone bonded while relaxing

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