A Company Based on Digital Advertising: Big Spaceship Essay

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Digital advertising is one of the fast expanding and fast evolving industry. Big Spaceship entered the digital marketing industry in the early stage of its development, and this shaped a strong advantage for the firm as one of the most creative leaders. Big Spaceship as one of the innovation-led digital marketing agency, it focuses on the practice of innovation-driven culture and following a distinctive model of engaging with client. Value proposition portrays by Big Spaceship is one of the key factor of it achievements, the differentiation, strengths and weaknesses of the value proposition by Big Spaceship will be discussed in the following essay.

Value proposition is the bridge between the products and services a business offers.
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Serving the digital space as the key activities that provides solutions in the digital media and they develop extension of the company or campaign that exploited the uniquely interactive potential of digital technology. Besides they create and evolve deeply engaging experiences, products and relationships. Key resources consist of spirit of innovation and unique resource management. Innovation is the vital to the success of the firm’s own business model and it served to differentiate from the competitors. Figure 2-4 are the examples of works involved different businesses and products produced by Big Spaceship that used different approve, strategies and innovations. Following by unique resource management, Big Spaceship practices flat organisation structure on top management level and team based structure on the development level. Flat organisation structure generates greater communication between management and workers, better team spirit, less bureaucracy and easier decision making. Besides team based structure reduces barriers between departments. They are using four core disciplines strategy, production, development and design all work together as a team each team member will involved from the very beginning which leads to commitment, passion and stronger results. The collaborative approach improved the efficiency and effectiveness within the firm.

External aspects consist of consumer relationships and client relationships. Big

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