Essay on A Brief Look at the Life and Times of William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare lived a fascinating life during which he built up a good influential reputation. Most of his life was focused on his playwriting and acting career and his writings continue to be prominent even in today's culture. People wonder about his journey to becoming a playwright and what inspired him. It intrigues people how a man with only a simple grammar school education was able to write beautiful pieces. He wrote various plays and poems and is considered to be one of the most renowned writers of all time. Shakespeare’s influence has spread throughout generations and his works have been some of the most well known and well loved. Whether we have read his plays or not, his works are so prevalent that we are familiar with …show more content…
People in today’s society insist that they have no time to analyze but in reality, they simply do not want to take the time do it since it can prove to be quite difficult. Because of people’s unwillingness to look into his works, they miss out on what beautiful things Shakespeare had to say and do not get a chance to appreciate Shakespeare’s writings. Also during the time that I was in high school, I got a chance to be in a few musicals and it was really intriguing to find out about the first plays and to compare the differences between then and now. I believe that this is a topic that is important because it is a good idea to learn about the past and how everything originated and adapted from each other. The time of William Shakespeare is embodied by both the 7th and 8th threshold because he lived during the 7th threshold, which was the agricultural age, but his influence still lives on today in the 8th threshold. Without Shakespeare’s innovating works, our culture and forms of entertainment would be drastically different.
General Background Information William Shakespeare, the eldest son of John Shakespeare, a leather worker and agricultural supplies dealer, and Mary Arden, a daughter of a landowner from a neighboring village, was born on April 15, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. The Shakespeares were of the middle class in a society where jobs and cultures

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