The Witches Motivation In Macbeth

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Shakespeare as many would say is/was one of the world’s greatest play writers in the history of playwriting. To this very day students memorize his many different poems and reinterpret the words of the text he written.

William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon a town 100 miles NW of London, He was born April 23, 1564 and sadly died on the same day 52 years later. On the contrary to that Shakespeare father John was a man of many jobs; he was into farming, wood trading, tanning, leather work, money leading and hand very many more jobs. William Shakespeare mother had 8 children, he was the 3rd but during his childhood he lost 3 other siblings. Shakespeare sister, Margaret, was born in 1562 and was baptized on December 2. She died one year later. Shakespeare’s ' brother, Gilbert, was baptized on October 13, 1566, at Holy Trinity. Records show that Gilbert Shakespeare survived the plague and reached adulthood,
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What was the witches’ motivation for tricking Macbeth? Did they control the outcome of the play or simply influence it? Would the story have been different without them? Was there something in Shakespeare person life and times that shows a fascination with witchcraft? What do the literary critics say about the witches and their influence on Macbeth? What evidence from the play (quotes and examples) supports your thesis concerning the role of the witches?

In many of Shakespeare plays there is a relationship among the characters. These relations influence how the play will endure as you watch or read. One of these brilliant tragedies was Macbeth. It is seemed to be written between somewhere around 1606. Macbeth is considered one of the shortest of Shakespeare 's tragedies, but not less powerful in its depiction of evil, greed, jealousy, and the madness these emotions bring to a person. In this paper you’ll read about how the witches impacted the life of

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