A World Lit Only by Fire Reading Guide Essay

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Regine Jackson
AP European History

A World Lit Only by Fire Reading Guide
Part One: The Medieval Mind
1. I know both the Middle Ages and Renaissance took place in Europe. The Middle Ages were terrible times marked by plagues, primitive agricultural machinery, war and lack of proper sanitation. The Renaissance occurred later in Europe, and that was marked by the rebirth of interest in art and intellectual capability. Art usually intertwined religion.
2. Manchester supported using the term “ Dark Ages” to describe the historical period between 400 BCE and 1000 BCE due to the lack of intellectual life, “incessant war”, where multiple groups, including the Goths and Huns took part in the massacre and pillaging of villages.
3. The many
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Savonarola's significance was that his torture and death displayed that even though the Church was corrupted, it was impossible to change it because the Church was supreme power. 23. The social conditions of Europe circa 1500s was laborious for the lower classes. Knights, although now useless, lived comfortably. While many lower classes worked to barely survive, middle and upper classes live a life of decadence. Pre-marital sex wasn't seen as taboo due to the myths surrounding “mysterious” pregnancies. Famines were common and many lower class families ate only two meals a day. The Church continued to have influence over the daily lives of the people, their luxurious lifestyles becoming a normality for this age. 24. The Hapsburg lands in 1519 included Spain, France England, Ireland, Holy Roman Empire, Poland, Ottoman Empire and Western and Central Europe. 25. The Fuggers were German bankers who had influence and political power over Europe. They controlled a majority of Europe's economy. 26. The reasons for predominant adultery during the Renaissance was because of artists' romanticized idea of it, which made it popular amongst many people. Most marriages were

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