A Whole New Mind Essay

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I never thought of my brain as two working parts (L-directed and R-directed). I always assumed that both sides worked equally together. When I listened to Pink’s interview on the “Soul Series” with Oprah Winfrey it was then that I realized how misinformed I was about how the brain works. As I watched the rest of the interview, a whole new light was shed on a subject that I never thought about. New ideas were presented in a new thinking way and I began to see into the ideas behind Pinks, “A Whole New Mind”. The idea of working together to be efficient involves the right brains logical linear abilities which Pink states, “are the best business strategy.” The phrase that got my attention the most was Pink’s idea that the right brain …show more content…
Story can be used for teaching and sharing. The third ability is symphony. Symphony is seeing the big picture, our being able to put things together that no one else would think of. Taking a closer look and seeing things we didn’t see before. Symphony is about utilizing our whole mind (logic, analysis, synthesis, and intuition) to make sense of the world, finding the big picture and determining what is important and what is not. It’s also about deciding what matters and letting go of the rest. Play is Pink’s fourth ability. Play is design, cognitive skills, fun, and laughter. In the conceptual age, says Pink, “Work is not just about seriousness, but about play as well.” To play is to act out and be determined, happy, and loyal as if one is assured of one’s prospects. Many people think that serious people are the best suited for business, that serious people are more responsible. But laughing people are more creative people. They are more productive people. Somewhere along the line we were sold the idea that a real business job must be dull, devoid of humor and something to be endured but not enjoyed. The fifth ability according to pink is empathy. Empathy is to walk in someone else’s shoes. Empathy is emotional; it’s about putting yourself in the position of others. It involves an understanding of the importance of the nonverbal cues of others and being aware of good

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