A Service Level Agreement for Provision of Specified It Services Between Finman Account Management, Llc, Datanal, Inc., and Minertek, Inc.

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Agreement Overview:
This agreement represents a Service Level Agreement between Finman Account Management LLC, Datanal Inc and Minertek Inc for providing IT services that is needed to support and sustain Finman’s products and services. This Agreement will remain valid until it is superseded by a revised agreement which will be mutually signed by the stakeholders. This Agreement outlines the parameters of all IT services which is covered and it does not supersede the current processes and procedures unless it is stated in this agreement. This Agreement is mutually understood and endorsed by the primary stakeholders.

(2) Goals and Objectives:
The sole purpose of this Agreement is to make sure that “the services and
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Finman requires the following services: telephone helpdesk services, desktop support, data backups, recovery and recycling. Finman requires a 99% target in order to achieve the desired standard. There will be regular monthly meetings with important personnel present such as; project managers, CIO, IT directors and representatives from senior management team. Minutes will be taken during each meeting and approved by all parties. Datanal and Minertek will inform Finman of any obstruction that they are experiencing and Finman will work the the companies to seek solutions. Datanal and Minertek will comply with all Finman’s internal policies, rules, guidelines, regulations and codes of practice that will apply to the provision of the services.
IT security Management procedures like encryption, auditing, threat management and customer education will be in use so as to prevent misuse and abuse of Finman’s IT resources and service.

(7) Scope of the Work Effort: In the initial year, Finman, Datanal, and Minertek will each deploy, on a gradual basis, a force of 20–25 specialists together with attendant management and supervisory and support personnel in the United States., Europe, and Asia to be increased as the effort expands to its full complement, perhaps three times that

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