A Review of Employee Training and Development Essay

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A review of employee training and development.
Donna Heeter
MGT 431
University of Phoenix
Mike Anderson

As we push forward into the 21st century, organizations are realizing the very real value of having high quality and focused training available to their employees. A dollar value return on investment is the reward to any organization willing to make the bold move toward provided the kind of high quality training that is becoming standard to be a cutting edge industry leader. The benefits organizations are seeking for their employees are organizational commitment, job satisfaction and low turnover.
The emphasis and value an organization places on how much and the quality of training it gives its people is the most
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There is a reason that Stanford University conducted a case study in 2006 on the culture of Keller Williams Realty and invited Mo Anderson, our COO to unveil the case study to MBA students. The reason our culture is so strong is due to the gratitude the associates feel toward the company for providing the high quality training that results in higher earnings which in turn provides a better quality of life for our families.
Job satisfaction is another benefit employers are looking for when they invest in training for their employees. Studies have shown the employees who are highly trained are more likely to excel at their job which in turn provides a feeling of job satisfaction (Lee & Bruvold, 2003). Also, the perception that the organization is concerned for the employees long-term growth and over all well being aids in feelings of satisfaction at and for the workplace. Highly trained employees will also have a sense of control over their career due to the opportunity to sharpen old skills and learn new skills. There is an overall feeling of gratitude toward the employer that exists due to the effort the employer has made in making valuable career boosting training available.
Real estate is one of the most financially and emotional stressful jobs available. Due to the fact that pay can pause for months, job satisfaction is often low. However due to the intense training that is available daily on different

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