A History of World in Six Glasses Essay

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"A History of the Word in Six Glasses"
"Beer in Mesopotamia and Egypt" (Chapter 1 and 2)
How might beer have influenced the transition from hunting and gathering to agricultural-based societies. Beer might have/had influenced the transition from hunting and gathering to agricultural-based societies. One way beer could have done this was that after the discovery of beer, the demand for beer began to increase. With increase demand for beer, farming would increase taking away time to hunt and gather for food. With less hunting and gathering, farmers eventually settled down in small areas around the Fertile Crescent to create beer.
What does the story of beer tell you about social and gender roles in ancient SW Asia and Egypt? Beer can
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With more sugar being produced, more products could be made and thus more exports to England, Spain, France, and Germany. Having a staple crop, successful exports, sprits helped colonized anywhere it touched.
In the 18th century, how did spirits change the balance of power amongst the western European nations? When rum was first discovered, Americas learned that to produce rum was cheaper than relying on European exports for Brady. Rum was discovered by using left over sugar production. Everyone could afford rum, from the slaves to the rich. With rum now being established as American's favorite drink, European exports for Brandy began to decline. New England merchants began to import raw molasses rather than rum and do the distilling themselves. In 1733, a new law known as the Molasses Act was passed in London, prohibiting the amount of imported molasses into North America to sixpence a gallon. But Americans did not obey the law and smuggled molasses instead of buying them from Britain. England began to create more laws to limit the amount of molasses brought, but Americans would not listen and thus finally giving Americas the idea of their freedom.
How did spirits help in the building and shaping of early America? During their fight for freedom, Americans began to turn their backs on rum and began to drink whiskey, since it was cheaper to make and easy to produce. Rum played a crucial part of the triangular trade between Britain, Africa, and the North

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