Essay a healthy community

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Throughout this class, I have learned some really great information about the physical and mental health of a community, and ways to better them. With the knowledge I have obtained, I will now design a community that I feel is healthy, and describe what it would look like. For starters, there are some factors that I have learned that make a healthy community. These are the physical factors: geography, environment, community size, and industrial development. The social and cultural factors are: beliefs, traditions, prejudices, economy, politics, religion, social norms, and socioeconomic status. There are also the factors of community organizing and individual behavior. (McKenzie) With the knowledge of these factors, my healthy …show more content…
In order to have a successful healthy community, you need to promote your community. Some ways that I could do so is by enforcing healthy eating and physical activity, providing access to healthy food, and creating and enforcing a healthy community design. Ways I could do these promotions are by: increasing nutrition and nutrition education in schools, increase or improve physical activity in schools, provide safe routes to schools, and increase availability and accessibility to farmers markets and healthy foods in local stores and grocery stores. Advertising is also a great way to promote a community. This can be done through a variety of media methods, such as: community meetings, community and organizational newsletters, social media, targeted emails, announcements at meetings and religious gatherings and simply by voicing out to the community (spreading the word). ( The stakeholders I would invite to be on an implementation team to create my healthy community would be “secondary stakeholders” because they prevent you from being “blindsided” by issues or concerns that you weren’t aware of. They create social capital for the community as well, which therefore makes it possible for people of all ethnicities and cultures in the community to know and value one another. Secondary stakeholders also increase the chances for the success of your healthy community

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