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(APA allows the option of placing the page number two lines below the short title, but it is recommended that the format example shown in this guide be utilized.) All pages of the paper, including the title page, abstract, body, and reference page,

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will be numbered successively. All page numbering should be in Arabic numerals. The Running Head The running head is typed in all capital letters, one inch from the top of the paper and one inch from the left edge of the paper (see page one of this guide for an example). The running head is an abbreviated title that is printed at the top of the pages of a published article. The head should be a maximum of 50 characters, counting letters, punctuation, and spaces between words. A distinction between the running head and the short title is that the short title is used during the review process, while the running head is used when the paper is published. The Title The title of the paper is typed in uppercase and lowercase letters, centered horizontally and in the middle of the page. Multiple line titles should be double-spaced. Main words in the title have their first letter capitalized and the remainder of the letters are lowercase. Articles are not capitalized unless they appear as the first word in the title. The title should be a concise description of the paper. The title should be 10 to 12 words in length.

A Guide The Author The author's name is typed in uppercase and lowercase
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