A Critical Visual Analysis of a Work of Art Essay

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A Critical Visual Analysis of a Work of Art The piece of art that I chose to do my critical visual analysis on will be the Birds of Paradise, painted by Frits van Eeden, in 1997. (Birds of Paradise) Eeden was born in Tilburg, Holland, in March 1944 and grew up in The Hague. (Frits Van Eeden) For the Birds of Paradise he used acrylic paint on canvas. This piece of art is located in the Evans Library, at Florida Tech, in Melbourne, FL. When I look at the picture I see birds helping each other, they seem to have harmony. One can get an impression of how people can co-exist with one another. The Birds of Paradise is a beautiful and bright color bird. They represent joyfulness and paradise. In this picture, they look like cranes. I don’t …show more content…
The harmony of the picture is that peace is part of co-existence. Color any picture cannot be overlooked. Most painters use the combination of primary and secondary colors so they can have hue in their art work. This is how the artist communicates with the public. With Eeden’s picture, we see vivid colors in the background, as to make the white birds pop out at the audience. For the most part of Eeden’s art work, he has used analogous color scheme. He uses a lot of blue-green and some yellow-orange hues in his background, and they are very intense in saturation. This is what make the white bird’s stand out and pulls them to the front of the picture. There doesn’t seem to be any time or motion in this picture. The birds don’t seem to be moving.
In Eeden’s picture, the single focal point seems to be the six white birds. He seems to emphasize on the birds by painting them white, and the colors behind them are dark and vivid. This seems to pull them to the front of the picture and draws a viewer’s eye to them. The visual weight in this piece of art is in balance. The balance of this piece of art is bilateral symmetry because are some differences in the birds on each side. This piece of art shows good scale and proportion. The birds are in on the same scale. One does not seem to be bigger than the other one. They seem to be proportionate since there is no other object to compare it to. Eeden created unity between the birds because they are the same color; they all have long

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