Zuulema Movie Analysis

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List six (6) interesting NEW facts or issues you learned from this video. Each must derive from a concept, definition, term or theory/theoretical orientation from one of the current chapters of the text. Each item will be presented as a single paragraph and include the term (etc.), its definition, and the specific part of the video that best illustrated the item. Each item must be 300-400 words. //Do not include this direction as part of your paper response.//

a. Sociological Perspective/pg.2-4: Says that people’s social experiences, the groups and society they exist in, all has a part to play in their behavior.

While I could also point out the various things that made Zulema different from the other girls, the interesting thing that
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While there are both male and female kids shown in the movie, they both are doing relatively the same work, even though they are different genders. The girls are still stepping up, being independent, to provide for their families, just like the boy in the movie, which goes a bit against the gender barrier the book puts between the two subgroups of kids. Not because that’s what they want to do, but that’s what they have to do just to get by. At the same time, however, they still all hold onto their gender roles, as it is indeed a part of the foundation that makes them who they are. This is evident when Zulema, as mentioned before, takes her time to put on make-up so she can still live up to the standard look society has set for women. This is also clear when the boy says that he needs to step up to take care of his little sisters, showing that he feels as if it is his job to take the dominant role to protect his siblings. I think this type of thinking stems from his initial upbringing, raised with gender messages to make him feel the need to take such a dominant, ‘manly’ type of role. I believe he also mentioned at one point that he wasn’t as strong as the other grown men, which may hint to the fact that he wants to be strong like them, another character trait that was probably given to him because of his gender. This is just something small that came to mind as I watched the movie.

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