Essay Zoos Vs. Animal Welfare

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In my opinion, humans have already interfered too much with nature and the consequences have rarely been positive. As a species we should try and minimise the impact we have on the limited remaining wildlife there is and encourage it to thrive in its originally habitat. Although Zoos do have a role to play in the preserving of animal welfare and the education of the general public, in order for their role to remain valuable they must thoroughly consider the rights and satisfaction of the animals before anything else. Zoos offer a safe and protected environment where zookeepers can treat and preserve endangered species, however they will never be able to provide everything that animals are able to find in the wild. In addition certain studies have exposed that animals regularly show abnormal behaviour when brought into captivity, which is in contradiction with the ethos of many Zoos. In spite of all this, animals are incapable of communicating with us and therefore we have to make judgements on what we believe is best for them.

Argument against zoos

In the past zoos have been symbols of power and wealth or were created for religious significance, however it was not uncommon for pharaohs or powerful figures to demand for a wild animal of their choice to be captured and held for their pleasure and entertainment. In addition, zoos would attract many visitors who were eager to see the new ‘never seen before’ animal and so were willing to pay large sums of money, which was just…

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