Difference Between Zoos And Aquariums

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Although it might seem as if there are no possible forms of animal captivity that provide the animals with proper care while simultaneously providing humans with a fruitful educational experience, there are sanctuaries that offer this type of encounter. Sanctuaries are superior to zoos and aquariums because their primary concern is to give the animals the proper care they require, even if that leads to limited human interaction. Rachel Shea, a reporter for National Geographic, describes sanctuaries as, “a place that vows to take care of any abandoned animal. The difference between a sanctuary and zoo is that sanctuaries put the care of the animals before exhibiting them for public display” (Shea). This description of sanctuaries fits the expectations …show more content…
Elephants in zoos are not giving proper housing that can lead to infections, and they are often forced to endure climates that are biologically dangerous for them. Although it is true that some zoo’s breeding programs can save some species from extinction, this is not the typical outcome from these programs. Instead, the breeding programs are used to ensure the continuation of the species within the zoo. Aquariums are also at fault for not providing proper space and stimulation to their orca whales. This triggers the orcas to become aggressive and lash out at each other and their trainers. It can be argued that this is because killer whales are inherently aggressive and the conditions at SeaWorld are not what caused them to act in a vicious manner. However, there has never been a reported orca attack against a human in the wild. Also, the research from Anderson points to the theory that orcas are not biologically aggressive to humans. Instead, orcas are able to form close bonds with humans at a young age, and accept the humans as members of their pods. While it might seem like there are no alternative to zoos and aquariums, sanctuaries provide the animals with proper care. This means that the animals have enclosures that are big enough to fit how much space they require. However, this can lead to a large distance between the visitors and the animals, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Distance between the animals and visitors would be beneficial to the lives of both the humans and the animals. For example, if Brancheau was not so close to Tilikum there would not have been any way he could have dragged her into the water, Similarly, the distance would have kept the child from falling into Harambe’s exhibit at the zoo, which would have saved him from being shot. Overall, zoos and aquariums are not the

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