Zeus Works & Days Essay

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Zeus was the King of Gods because he overthrew his father and some of his brothers. He was also the ruler of skies and the earth where he had the power to create all natural phenomena related to air and the sky like storms. People refer him as the “father of Gods and Men.” Hera was the Queen of the Gods and the wife and sister of Zeus. She was known for being the Goddess of Marriage and Birth. She was also known for being jealous of Zeus’s many lovers.

Dionysus was the Olympian god of wine. He was the son of Zeus and Semele, and he was the only god with mortal parent. He was one of the few that were able to bring a dead person back to earth from the Underworld.

Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto. He also has a twin sister Artemis. He played a major role during his time because he was the god of many things including: music, poetry, art, archery, medicine, and such. He was widely known as the god of light in Greek mythology. The
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Works & Days was a didactic poem written by the Hesiod around 700 BCE. Hesiod was an ancient Greek poet from about 750 to 650 BC, around the same time as Homer, another ancient Greek author. When Hesiod was a young boy, he worked as a shepherd in the mountains, but when his father passed away, he becomes a small farmer working hard land. According to Mastin, Hesiod claimed to have been granted the gift of poetic inspiration by the Muses themselves (who traditionally lived on Mount Helicon) while he was out tending sheep one day (Mastin). His gift was his talent to create some of the most inspirational poems during his time and many scholars from today are still studying his poems. After reading his poem, I believe Hesiod’s Works and Days was a poem about morality to teach people to become a better person by practicing honesty, hard working, and being

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