Yusuf Ozen Essay

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Yusuf Ozen
English Composition 1
Essay 1

Ever since I could walk, I carried a soccer ball with me. Hard work, dedication, and perseverance - these are the principles that I believe in, live by, and relied upon thus far in my athletic and academic career. Within every successful man or woman, there is a burning passion that drives them forward. When I was young my family and I lived in Rochester, NY; located just 2 hours away from Toronto, Canada. I went to a school called Brighton High School, a well-known school in the area. Brighton High School also known as BHS was known for its majority of its population being very diverse. I fitted in real well with the kids. I am originally from Turkey, so when I first came to America I tried to
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One of the kindest and most spiritual people that was on this earth, Amiri Baraka said. “There is no justice in America, but it is the fight for justice that sustains you” This quote itself gives me the chills; it motivates me everyday to make a difference in the society; and make my voice heard by the people who control our wealth, education and basically our life. We need more brave men and woman to speak out like this great man, who unfortunately passed away January 9th 2014. As a young student-athlete, I want and will use this to my advantage to bring people from poverty to being middle class or much higher. Everyone has some type of greatness and it’s up to him or her and the people around them to bring it out. We as the working class people must work together in order to ensure freedom and equality for our past and future generations. Unlike the top 1 percent, we the blue collard, hard-working men and woman have this special drive in us, we all have this and we must use it in order to make this country more equal and making other countries follow our footsteps. To conclude, from soccer to high school to moving to New Jersey; it is starting to become a wonderful journey and I believe this journey will continue with more

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