Yuengling Swot Analysis Essay

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1) External and internal environmental factors.
S.W.O.T : Strengths.
A. 180 years of operation. This is one of their most compelling strengths. Being in operation for almost 200 years show the dedication the family has for the beer they produce and shows the amazing level of management they have. Just the fact that they have overcome hardships such as the great depression and the prohibition shows how powerful their management is.
B. Following the length of operation the second most important strength is how they have kept the brewery family owned. This gives Yuengling a great marketing upper hand over the competition, because it follows what we call the American dream, being started by an immigrant from Germany, and continued family
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Expansion is vital in business because it will help the growth, profits and stability.
E) The last weakness I can think of is the way they make beer. Yuengling is proud of holding to tradition and style of their beer making. This is great for marketing but can be costly. Yuengling should consider newly designed technology to help with increasing the quality and at the same time decreasing cost of operation, thus increasing product value along with an increase of overall profit.
S.W.O.T : Opportunities.
A) Expansion, major opportunity and would solve a lot of their weakness. The type of expansion is irrelevant; weather its expansion to other states or a grand expansion to worldwide status. B) In the United States there is a growing population that is continuous about health. An opportunity that is associated with health conscious costumers is to provide a healthy type of beer, low in calories and maybe add some type of aspect that will decrease health problems associated with drinking beer.
C)In the history of management there has never been a female owner of Yuengling , now the present CEO has 4 daughters and no sons. So to keep to trading one of them has to be crowned the new CEO of Yuengling. I see this as an opportunity to attract more female beer drinkers to buy Yuengling. One way of doing this might be to create a new type of brew specifically for female drinkers.
D) In the past, during the prohibition Yuengling had to think on its

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