You Notice The Blooming Love And Friendship Relationship Between Liesel And Rudy

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1. In this passage, you notice the blooming love/friendship relationship between Liesel and Rudy. Liesel realizes that Rudy is a friend when everyone is laughing at her and how she can't read except for Rudy. This shows that even in times of peer pressure or hard times Rudy will always be by Liesel's side. [This is also what fuels Liesel to try even harder to learn to read making her lust for books and knowledge to the point as to where she will "steal" for it.]

2. In this passage, you can make a connection that Liesel uses reading to escape the nightmare that is her life. As Hans Junior and Mr. Hubermann argue she sits down and escapes to the world in her book to take her to any place that is better than the one she is in right now. (Should
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In this passage, you start to see the determination/passion that Liesel has to get what she wants and the thing she wants is to achieve reading to show the kids who laughed at her to escape her world, to slip into a fantasy other than her tormented life, to have a win in her life. For these reasons she sticks her hand in the fire and burns herself yet she is determined to get it so she …show more content…
In this passage, you see the depression settling in and you can relate to those times when you really need something to help you get through life. This is what is happening to Liesel during this time as she struggles with the death of her brother, her friend leaving, her father being sent to the war and her best friend falling into a deep depression as well.

12. In this passage, you see the true reason why Liesel tries to mask her feelings with books and thievery or picking up the washing. It is to hide from the death of happiness, which isn't deaths job. It is the fuehrer's who murdered her family and this is what death means when he says look in the mirror..

13. In this passage, you see the climax of the story when her best friend returns but it would've been better if he didn't because now she knows he will surely die. You see the compassion one can have even if it means punishment. She still thinks of him as family and family sticks together this is the part when they stick together and get the goodbye they never had. While all of Germany watches in awe as a Jew and a German share a tear jerking moments.

14. In this passage, you see the affects the Hitler's words can have on a person or even the words of any person. This is the power that Max was trying to show Liesel and the change it causes to the

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