Yesterday's Toys Versus Today's Toys Essay

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Toys have always been around through the centuries of humankind, and I believe that yesterday’s toys taught children to use their imagination, taught child patience, and social skills.

First, to begin with, let us look at yesterday’s toys, when children played with Lego Building Blocks, when they were just building blocks. Children used their imaginations to build a house, landscapes, and create buildings. Today’s Lego Building Blocks are three-dimensional and come with perceptible directions, numbers on the pieces, and the only thing that needed is eyesight. Parallel to yesterday’s building blocks, today’s building block show about learning how to be a hairdresser, by giving your dolls haircuts, with safety scissors that rarely cut,
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Their only concern is having the best type of bike, the best name brand of bicycle, for what I ask. You still use your own foot power, and the bike still gets you from point A to point B, so what’s in the name?

Finally, today’s toys where you have flesh eating dolls, flesh-melting ovens, and the amazing Atomic Energy Lab containing real uranium. What parent would want their child to glow? Kids can do the darnest things, but not, apparently, nuclear physics the toy was taken off the market when parents found; that a small amount of real uranium was actually in the kit. Yesterday’s toys had Lab Kits, but they were not atomic, they called them science kits. I learned scientific investigation and understanding, doing fun experiments in key areas nature, physics, chemistry, air and water. My science kit taught me the fundamentals while also introducing me to the scientific method itself. For example, what makes plants grow, see how water climbs, and how plants sweat. Science kits taught me how a magnifying glass enlarges, and how colors mix which I found it fascinating!

In conclusion, there will always be variety of toys to choose from, whether it is yesterday’s toys or today’s toys. Ultimately, the choice will be yours whether it is for safety, convenience, or to stimulate intelligence. I myself prefer yesterday’s toys with all the simplicities of yesteryears, where I used my imagination, learned

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